The Calamine Connection

In my last newsletter, I left you with the Rolling Stones and their message that we may not get what we want, but somehow we end up getting what we need.

Back to the calamine lotion ... you will recall that I swallowed half a bottle, thinking it was antacid. For weeks, my doctor said that there was nothing to worry about; the taste would go away and my digestive system would get back to normal. It didn't. Everything tasted funny.

My secretary at the engineering company knew that I had to drive through the city on my way home and she asked for a lift into the CBD. On the way, she explained that she was going to a weight loss program that worked on the principle of tissue and vital organ cleansing. My ears pricked up and I hung on every word that she said. The theory was that, if your large intestine, small intestine, liver and pancreas were purged and cleansed, you would be better able to control your weight. All I cared about was: let's clean out that calamine lotion!

Glynn Braddy facilitated the program and it ran over six weeks. I went through coffee enemas for my liver; I drank olive oil for my gall bladder; I endured psyllium husks for my large intestines; and, at the end of six weeks, I was calamine lotion free.

But what has this got to do with Stuart Wilde you may be wondering? Stuart was a friend of Glynn's from his time in London. He invited Stuart to Australia to speak to the group involved in the program with me. So, we all showed up one Sunday morning to hear Stuart talk about abundance and our attitudes to money. Well, he was incredible! I learnt so much and laughed even more. At the end of the day, I walked up to him and said,

'I would love to promote you.' He asked whether I knew anything about promoting in his field. I said, 'Not really' and he replied, 'Fine'.

I applied everything I knew about marketing and promoting events in the nightclub and music business to Stuart’s first event and it was an enormous success. He then went back to the USA and told everyone that he had a mighty fine promoter in Australia. From there, I got to work with some individuals who have become my best friends.

So I wouldn't be writing this newsletter if I had leant a few centimetres to the right and picked up the antacid, then did not offer a ride into the CBD and sign up for a detox. I'm most grateful to Glynn Braddy for opening the door to the world of infinite possibilities and eliminating the calamine lotion from my insides.

Deepak Chopra refers to the whole adventure as 'the conspiracy of improbabilities'. In upcoming newsletters, I'll discuss my journey into events and publishing.

Tenderness, generosity and respect are the Three Graces, and opposite sentiments are all disgraces. - Stuart Wilde, God bless you.

Happy Trails!