Step by step, bit by bit

Thomas Edison famously once said, "Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration". This applies very clearly to anyone who's about to embark on the journey of getting their book published.

At the beginning of your journey I recommend that you all download Whitney Houston's song "Step by Step" to use as a reminder that the journey is worthwhile but at the same measured and gradual.

Once you have had the 10% inspirational moment, the perspiration phase comes into play. It begins by collecting all your thoughts and putting pen to paper. If possible, get yourself a white board and create a mind map. Remember- keep yours as simple as possible. Once you've taken the inspirational thought as far as you can, then be prepared. Self-doubt, complexity and lack of vision will creep in.

At this point, listen to "Step by Step"! Or, if it's more your thing to be inspired by nature, take a deep breath, take a walk outside and then get back to your whiteboard and start writing. Don't edit, don't proof, don't share, just write, and keep writing. Remember you're not on a solitary journey without resources. There are many writer's festivals and courses both online and live. All the above are helpful but first and foremost you must believe that you have thought of something worth reading. Your attitude towards your writing needs to be full of self-belief. You know you've discovered something original in what you have to say. I could give you hundreds of well-documented facts relating to the biggest selling authors of this century on how many times they were rejected by publishers. They all had a winning mindset that led them to the right publisher at the right time.

Here's a meditation that you can visualise before you fall asleep or upon waking. See yourself standing across the road from a bookshop. The window is full of books with your name on the covers. There is a sign that says 'book signing today' and you see a queue outside the door and around the block. You reach into your pocket for your favourite autographing pen and smile.

It's important not to get too specific with the name and location of the bookshop. The purpose of the meditation is not to create a fantasy future, the purpose is to create the winning feeling.

Ok everyone, it's time for karaoke again, back to Whitney, "Oh I won't let my spirit go, until I get to my destination. I'm gonna take it slowly cuz I'm making it mine".

Happy Trails,