Baby Come Back

Dear Loopers,

I’ve recently had a lot of feedback from our newsletters and what everyone enjoys the most is the variety of subjects in them. The three most popular are ‘What’s On’, ‘Information on Publishing’, and ‘Dream Decoding’. So while walking along the beach, enjoying the incredible run of hot days in Sydney, I thought, “Why not include the three most desirable topics in every newsletter?” So here we go. But before we do, let me tell you what happened during that stroll:

I had my beautiful designer-label sunglasses on, and while I bent down for a single second they fell off. I then juggled them from my left hand to my right hand to my left again before they fell into no more than ten centimetres of water. Before I had a chance to grab them, the strongest receding wave I’d ever seen sucked them into the abyss. I felt like that man in the car ad after his car went over the cliff and he ran up and down the beach singing “Baby Come Back” until it miraculously reappeared. So if you see me singing “Baby Come Back” while walking along the beach, feel free to join in the chorus.

Now to satisfy the ‘What’s On’ part of this newsletter, I’m so excited that Deepak is coming back in July to explain the neuroscience of enlightenment. He will also be talking about super genes and, as usual, excite us with innovative material never before presented.

We have also announced the Writer’s Workshop winners for 2016 and in the coming months I will be presenting more about their books. Before then, I’d love to talk about our 2015 winner Cassie Mendoza-Jones, and her book, “You Are Enough”. Everyone in the Hay House team thought it was so much fun and such a pleasure to work with Cass to bring her book to the shelf. It deals with stopping the comparison trap we so often get hooked into, and our tendency to feel that we are never enough. On most occasions we are harder on ourselves than anyone else is, so the great thing about Cassie’s book is that it teaches us to let go of unproductive patterns and to accept that our worth is innate.

For our ‘Dream Decoding’ section, has anyone ever dreamt of an octopus or a giraffe? Here’s a new slant on the meaning you may want to think about. They are both unusual when it comes to their hearts: the octopus has three hearts, and the giraffe has one huge heart with two very powerful sides. In a dream this may symbolise the possibility of having two soulmates, of being in love with two individuals at the same time, or of having two big loves in your life. If you see a symbol with many hearts, or two aspects to a heart, it may indicate that you should not feel guilty about caring for more than one person, it’s part of what makes you unique.

As always, I would appreciate feedback on this newsletter via my Facebook page.

Happy Trails,