The Humpty Effect

Imagine if in the riddle of Humpty Dumpty, he had more balance While sitting on the wall, he would not have had the great fall. I've always thought Humpty's tale typified our desires to reach a state of equilibrium. We all seek calmness and a state of mind where we are able to make balanced judgements.

Megan Dalla-Camina, author of Getting Real About Having It All was a self-confessed workaholic. She has written extensively about preventing burn outs, being the best version of yourself and enjoying what life has to offer. Here are 4 important tips on how to bring more balance into your life.

Happy Trails,


For over a decade I lived my work, 16-plus hours a day, travelling the world. I found great outward success whilst grinding myself into complete burnout. Once I reached that point, I had to give up my coveted role and find, not only a new way to work, but also a new way to live. This sent me on a wellness journey of research, study, trial and error, to see what was possible and to discover the optimal way to live and thrive. By embracing these four simple principles you can begin the journey to create balance in your life, too. I am here as living proof that it is possible.

Know what works for you. Don't try to replicate anyone else's life. You need to be true to yourself and honour what works for you. Your best friend might get up to run every morning at 5.30am, but you prefer to sleep as long as you can. Stop judging yourself for what you do. Notice the elements that make you thrive, and then implement them consistently. The only person you need to make happy is you. So, do what works. And remember: don't judge your insides with someone else's outsides.

Put your wellbeing first. Did you have a violent reaction to the suggestion that you put yourself first? Many people do. It's just not in our nature to put ourselves at the top of the list. But it needs to be. You need to be well to live a balanced life—truly, glowingly, gloriously well. Drink green juice. Get your eight hours sleep. Do yoga. Meditate. Nurture your relationships. Walk on the beach. Look at the stars. Connect through your spiritual practice. Take your holidays. And restore yourself regularly. Do whatever works for you, but you must look after your health and vitality to live your best life. Make you your first priority and bring the colour back into your life.

Tune in. We all have voices in our heads that guide us through the day. Many times it's the snarky voice that tells us we are not good enough, that we're a bit too chubby and that we can't have what we want. Well, it's time to tune that voice out, and tune in to the nurturing inner voice that is our intuition, our inner guide, who knows what is best for us. Bring some silence into your days so you can tell the good voices from the bad, and learn to trust your inner wisdom. Your truth will never steer you wrong. You just have to learn to listen.

Learn to meditate. The fast track to hearing and trusting your inner guide is through meditation practice. Balanced people soon get over the fear that they can't meditate and learn to sit with the practice that can change everything. I ask my coaching clients to sit for five minutes twice a day, in stillness, eyes closed, following their breath. As your thoughts come and go, gently bring your attention back to your breath. Gradually, you can extend this time, but just five minutes at a time can be life-changing. Give yourself this gift of time and space. It is a core piece of the balance puzzle.